(Persia Digest) - Aras 2 tactical vehicles were delivered to the Armed Forces with the presence of the Minister of Defense and the commander of the Iranian Army.

According to Iran’s Minister of Defense, the Aras 2 vehicle is suited for movement on difficult terrain. It is heavily armed and armored with high movement ability relative to its weight. It has been remarkably improved as compared to its previous generation in the fields of engine, operating radius, fuel consumption, emission standards, acceleration, and capability of mounting and moving weapons.

Amir Hatami added: “The Department of Defense's acquisition of the know-how to manufacture these is an important step in providing advanced vehicles with a technology only a few countries possess.”

He pointed to the recent hurdles encountered by Iran’s automotive industry, saying: “The Ministry of Defense as an arm of the Iranian automotive industry can pave the way for the manufacture of spare parts in this sector.”

The armored personnel carrier named “Rad” was also unveiled at the ceremony.

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