(Persia Digest) – Harireh is an ancient city on Kish Island in the Persian Gulf on the southern coast of Iran measuring around 120 hectares and dating back to between 5-10 century AH.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that ruins are visible in the north of Kish Island, adjacent to the Olympics Sports Center, which belong to the ancient city of Harireh. Based on archaeological excavations in the enclosure, the unearthed city includes a mansion, baths, mosque, glassblowing workshop, and ancient ghanat aqueducts.

The mansion is well-known among the ruins for its size and style.

The mysteries of Harireh ancient city in southern Iran

Another important building in Harireh is its mosque belonging to the Seljuk era which is rather interesting as it has no roof.

According to experts, the baths are among the oldest in Iran and have been regenerated and restored over different eras.

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Mills make up an important part of the city where the remains of works by skilled artisans can be seen. Special rooms with slanted floors remained a mystery for many years and a talking point by experts before it was finally discovered that the grooves in the floors were used to extract date juice.

The most interesting of the mills is the glassblowing one. A number of glass furnaces were discovered on this site showing that this was a flourishing business in Harireh.

Excavations have also revealed that trade, palm groves, pearl fishing, and producing glassware ad glazing were part of the booming business in this ancient city.

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