(Persia Digest) – Tourism Organization of Iran’s Deputy has announced that a ban on foreign tourists traveling to Iran with heavy bikes over 250cc and cars over 2500cc has been lifted.

According to the provisions of the anti-trafficking law for goods and currency, the buying, selling, and use of motorcycles over 250cc is banned in Iran, except for particular purposes such as racing.

But following a protest by the head of Iranian Tour Operators Association, Ebrahim Pourfaraj, the ban was lifted on foreign tourists and the police will no longer prevent them from entering the country.

The Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran Deputy, Vali Teimouri, said: “According to consultations with the customs and other relevant agencies, the problem of high-speed motorcycles coming into Iran and traveling on the roads has been resolved for foreign tourists.”

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He explained: “Before, tour operators had to provide a notarized collateral for the customs for motorcycles over 250cc brought in by foreign tourists vouching that these would be taken out of the country.”

Teimouri added: “The new law also applies to cars of over 2500cc entering Iran.”

According to Teimouri, two groups of tourists have so far come to Iran on motorbikes based on the new law.

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