(Persia Digest) - An official at Iranian Defense Ministry said Fri. that the indigenous air defense system ‘Bavar-373’ is ready to join armed forces.

Mehr News reports that 2nd Brigadier General Saeed Shabanian, head of the Inspection Department of Iranian Defense Ministry, said during Friday Prayers sermon in the southwestern city of Shiraz that the Iranian version of S 300 air defense dubbed ‘Bavar-373’ is ready to join armed forces.

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The domestically-made air defense can cover 200 km and track different air threats at an altitude of 27 km. The system enjoys superior capabilities than the Russian S 300.

The officials at Defense Ministry have already announced that ‘Bavar-373’ was successfully test-fired.

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said last week that Bavar-373 will be unveiled on August 22.

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