(Persia Digest) – Twenty-seven teams from Iran participating at the 2019 FIRA RoboWorld Cup & Congress in South Korea have succeeded in winning rankings at the championship.

The 24th FIRA RoboWorld Cup & Congress was held from 11-17 August 2019 with 1800 participants in four main categories with 11 university leagues and 8 school leagues in the U14 and U19 sections. Countries included the US, Germany, South Korea, Turkey, Russia, Malaysia, the Philippines, China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Canada, and Iran. This was held in Changwon, South Korea.

Teams from Iran won 14 titles, 8 runner-up titles, and 5 ranks in 3rd place.

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The BoD of the Federation designated Iran as the next host of the FIRA RoboWorld Cup for 2020. This great honor is of significant importance due to the successful presence of various Iranian university and school leagues and the development of Iranian scientific and research activities in this field.

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