(Persia Digest) – Busy underground stations in Tehran are hosting folk music and dance these days to create fun, and promote morale and national solidarity.

Simultaneously with the 4th exhibition of art and music in rural areas and nomadic tribes at the Tehran International Exhibition Center, the sound of folk music also resonated in Tehran’s underground stations, providing commuters with a few moments of fun by displaying part of the country’s traditions.

The music of Lorestan, Kurdistan, Baluchestan, Fars, Azarbaijan, Guilan, and other regions in Iran has entertained Tehrani citizens and met with an appreciative audience of commuters.

One passenger told an IRNA reporter: “The city of Tehran is host to all Iranian ethnic groups and performances such as these will no doubt strengthen our bond and national unity.”

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Life in a busy city like Tehran can be very stressful and its citizens may not always be able to take time off and go to concerts. Performances such as these can be a welcoming break.

According to the CEO of Tehran metro, the folk music of Iran titled “The sounds of my land” is being performed for the 4th time in 13 underground stations by 13 folk groups.

The groups perform from 10h00-12h00 and 15h30-17h30 for the commuters.

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