(Persia Digest) - The 19th Traditional Theater Festival wrapped up in Iran after 151 performances in one week in Tehran and Kashan. Pioneers and best performers were accredited at the closing ceremony which was held on Saturday night and attended by the audience and artists in a fun atmosphere.

Elements of traditional life in Iran were on display during the week accompanied by a selection of performances by various groups.

An interesting part of the festival included athletic pahlevani sports practiced by heroes, setting up of large marquees for entertainment, and the old diorama.

Four pioneers of the arts in Iran were also accredited and a cake baked and decorated especially with images of the festival posters was cut by the Secretary of the festival.

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A zurkhaneh performance eulogizing Imam Ali (AS) (the 1st Shia Imam), a video clip explaining the festival, and comical Siayh Bazi plays were part of the closing ceremony last night.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that the 19th Traditional Theater Festival was held from

13-16 August jointly in Tehran and Kashan; it included Takht-e Hozi, puppet shows, naghali, children’s hangout, and Shabihkahni.

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