(Persia Digest) - The Iranian Ambassador to London in a message said the recently-released Iranian supertanker Grace 1 was not renamed to circumvent sanctions because it is simply under no sanctions, reports IRNA.

Renaming Grace 1 has brought about the misunderstanding of circumventing sanctions, Hamid Baeidinejad wrote in his Twitter account.

Panama was against Grace 1 tanker saling under its flag, he added.

Based on maritime regulations, the flag of the ship is subject to its registration place, he noted.

Baeidinejad emphasized the fact that the tanker is under no sanctions and based on the official bill of lading, its oil belongs to the National Iranian Oil Company.

Earlier, Deputy Head of Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran Jalil Eslami said Oil tanker Grace 1 was renamed Adrian Daria, adding that when the oil tanker was in detention in Gibraltar, Panama ended the use of its flag and the owner of the vessel requested for the oil tanker to carry the Iranian flag.

"Grace 1 was renamed Adrian Daria and is headed for its next destination after detention to the Mediterranean Sea," he said, noting that it seems it will face no specific problems en route.

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Grace 1, a supertanker carrying Iranian oil, was seized earlier this month by British Royal Marines off the coast of the British Mediterranean territory of Gibraltar on suspicion of violating sanctions against Syria.

The Gibraltar court decided to release the crew of the ship, but the US was trying to block the release of Grace 1.

The US was struggling to block the release of the tanker, but in defiance of its attempts, Gibraltar court issued a ruling to release the ship.

Meanwhile, Baeidinejad in a message confirmed the release of oil tanker Grace 1 late.

He said that following a decision by Gibraltar's officials, the illegal detention of an oil tanker carrying Iran's oil was lifted moments earlier.

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