(Persia Digest) – A former Iranian diplomat has said: “The US plan to seize the Iranian oil tanker, Adrian Darya (Grace 1) is against international law and norms. If it continues on this path, a war situation will develop between Iran and the US.”

The Grace 1 supertanker, renamed Adrian Darya, was seized by UK marines in Gibraltar. Iran called it an act of piracy. On Thursday, a Gibraltar court ruled to free the tanker despite US attempts to prevent its release. A US court then proceeded to issue a warrant to seize the Grace 1, stating the illegal use of the US financial system to support and finance the sale of Iranian petroleum products to Syria with the proceeds going to the IRGC placed on Washington’s list of terrorist organizations.

Can the US seize the Iranian Adrian Darya supertanker?

Former Iranian diplomat, Dr Davoud Hermidas-Bavand, told Persia Digest (PD) in an interview: “The Strait of Gibraltar is an international waterway with transit rights. The UK seized the Grace 1 supertanker against all international laws under the pretext of carrying oil to Syria and circumventing EU sanctions.”

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He added: “According to US law and sanctions reimposed on Iran, all companies and governments still working with Iran will be banned from trading with the US or travel to this country. The important point is that these sanctions do not apply to free waters. In other words, the US cannot seize Iranian oil tankers as and when it pleases.”

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The analyst of international relations reminded: “Currently, Iranian steel is also sanctioned by the US. If Iranian oil must be seized under the pretext of sanctions, ships carrying steel in free waters must suffer a similar fate. Therefore, the US is acting unlawfully, against international laws and norms. This is not in any way linked to sanctions and Iran is free to navigate the free waters as and when necessary.”

Bavand reiterated: “If the US seizes Adrian Darya, it will be entering a war situation with Iran.”

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