(Persia Digest) – The art garden measuring 5 thousand sqm and its lake measuring 25 thousand sqm was inaugurated in Tehran this morning by the city’s mayor in Abbas-Abad district as the capital’s biggest artistic plan.

Iranian art forms will be presented here, such as music, poetry, and literature, promoting connections between artists and people to raise awareness in this field.

The art lake is the second city lake in Tehran measuring 25 thousand sqm. It is over two meters deep in some parts.

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The lake and garden landscape with a collection houses for poetry, music, visual arts, theater, and the seven arts is a lush green complex far from daily hubbubs with a distinct Iranian character.

Another part of the garden is dedicated to conferences, forums, expert training workshops, information on the arts, and administrative work. A section for arts and tourism also holds buildings such as a gallery, central pavilion, 200-seat amphitheater, coffee shop, and restaurant.

Abbas-Abad district also includes other areas such as the jewellery garden, book garden, and Water and Fire Park which are some of the main attractions of this complex.

Art garden and lake inaugurated in Tehran

Art garden and lake inaugurated in Tehran

Art garden and lake inaugurated in Tehran

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