(Persia Digest) - “Finding Farideh”, a documentary co-directed by Azadeh Mousavi and Kourosh Ataei, has been selected to represent Iran in the upcoming 92nd Academy Awards.

IRNA reports that this is the first time Iran has submitted a documentary to compete for the best non-English-language film Award at the Oscars. 

The committee which selected “Finding Farideh” as Iran’s representative at the 2020 Oscars comprised of Fereshteh Taerpour (producer), Fatemeh Motamed Ariya (actress), Abolhassan Davoodi (director), Touraj Mansouri (cameraman), Rasoul Sadr Ameli (director), Amir Esbati (designer), Morteza Razzaq Karimi (producer), Mehrzad Danesh (critic) and Raed Faridzadeh, the director of international affairs at Farabi Cinema Foundation.   

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“Finding Farideh” is the life story of a woman named “Farideh” who was abandoned as a little child at the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (AS) in Mashhad. After being kept in an orphanage, she was adopted by a Dutch couple and taken to the Netherlands. Farideh, who has not visited her hometown for long years because her family was against such a visit, now comes to Iran for the first time to meet with three families who claim to be her real family. 

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