(Persia Digest) – The Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson has announced: “Iran has issued the necessary warnings to the US through official channels on the supertanker Adrian Darya 1 (Grace 1) to prevent a wrong move by them as this will have unfortunate consequences.”

Speaking at a press conference Monday morning, Seyed Abbas Mousavi stated: “A warrant issued by the US for the seizure of the Iranian supertanker again has been turned down by Gibraltar. Such a move, or simply mentioning it, is a threat to free navigation worldwide. Iran has issued the necessary warnings to the US through official channels, in particular the Swiss Embassy, not to make a wrong move because this will have unfortunate consequences.”

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Commenting on talks with the EU regarding the JCPOA as Iran’s deadline for its second stage of repealing its commitments approaches, he said: “Discussions on EU obligations under the JCPOA have not been conclusive. Very little time is left until the end of Iran’s second stage and the third stage is being prepared accordingly.”

He continued by saying that the fate of the British oil tanker seized by Iran due to violations “is not linked to Arian Darya 1. We must wait for a court order to free the British tanker.”

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The FM Spokesperson continued by commenting on possible messages exchanged between Iran and the US on Afghanistan by saying: “This is highly unlikely. Afghanistan is an independent country and Iran has no plans for talks with the US in this regard.”

About Macron’s suggestion for Rouhani to attend the G7 summit, he said: “I am not aware of this. But I don’t believe Iran will attend a photo op which will lead nowhere. Nevertheless, Iran will take any steps necessary in line with its interests.”

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