(Persia Digest) – Handmade Bijar carpets and the woodcarvings and furniture making of Malayer are on the verge of being inscribed as World Craft Cities (WCC) by Unesco.

Deputy of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran, Ms Pouya Mahmoudian, pointed to the significant changes that have taken place in the woodcarving and furniture making industry of Malayer, saying: “The industry will be inscribed as WCC this October.”

Malayer’s Governor also pointed to the 3rd National Furniture and Woodcarving Festival of Malayer from 12-23 August, saying: “Setting up the infrastructure for the inscription of woodcarving in Malyer has now been completed.”

Currently, over 5000 large and small furniture and woodcarving workshops are operating in Malayer with over 9000 skilled craftsmen and 20 thousand workers.

Bijar MP in Parliament has also said: “The dossier for the inscription of Bijar’s handmade carpet by the World Craft Council is being completed and this will take place in the near future.”

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Hamdollah Karimi continued by saying that the Bijar carpet is one of the most original Persian carpets famed for its beauty and durability, adding: “The geographical indication of Bijar carpet was registered in Iran last year.”

Malayer woodcarvings and Bijar handmade carpets to be inscribed by Unesco

He continued: “Follow-ups have also been made for its international inscription and the necessary documents have been sent to international agencies.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that Malayer is a historic city in Hamedan Province, western Iran, and Bijar is a Kurdish town in western Iran.

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