(Persia Digest) – The descendant of the first Iranian woman journalist, Maryam Amid-Semnani, is dedicating a commemoration element to her enlightened great grandmother in Semnan.

On Maryam Amid-Semnani’s centennial, her great grand-daughter Maram Salour who is an artist in her own right, announced that she will be dedicating a painting and urban commemoration element to Maryam Amid in Semnan.

Maryam Salour is a renowned Iranian artist in pottery, ceramic, painting, and sculpting.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that Amid-Semnani, known as Mozayan Alsaltaneh, was the first Iranian woman journalist. She was from Semnan and the owner of “Shokufeh” [Blossoms] publication which was rather instrumental on women’s affairs. By publishing this magazine, she also worked to educate and inform women and girls and to work towards equality between men and women.

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Initially, she published the first women’s magazine in 1910 in Tehran entitled “Danesh” [knowledge] which was considered an upheaval in the Constitutional era. After its closure in 1913, Maryam Amid began publishing “Shokufeh”.

Her other lasting work includes the establishment of a girls school in 1912 called “Mozayaneh” with two branches. Various subjects, from reading, writing, math, geography, and foreign languages, were taught at the Dar Olelm branch, and arts and handicrafts such as carpet weaving, hosiery, brocade, etc, were taught at the Dar Alsanay’e branch.

The fight against superstition and old, backward customs among women was another of Maram Khanoum Mozayan Alsaltaneh’s lasting works.

She died of a heart attack in Semnan in September 1919.

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