(Persia Digest) – The Iranian President has said: “If I am to believe that attending a meeting and talking to someone will serve the interests of my country and resolve the problems people are facing, I will not hesitate to do so. Our national interests are our priority.”

Speaking at a state meeting, Hassan Rouhani continued: “The most stringent sanctions have been imposed on us over the past year. We will stand up to them and fight by reducing our commitments in the JCPOA. We have already carried out the first two stages of this and may continue to do so.”

Rouhani continued: “Our people want dignity, honor, and independence together will less pressure and more welfare. We know that the enemy is exerting pressure on our people. But must we sit and watch? We will stand up until we reach our goals and interest, until we reach security and glory.”

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Rouhani added: “They may seize our tankers; in this case we will talk and put their wrong right to free our ship. We can also seize their tankers lawfully. We must take both actions and work with both hands. The hand of power and the hand of diplomacy must work together.”

He went on to say: “We may thread on a path which is not 100 percent successful. We must still try, even if our chances of success are 10 or 20 percent. We must move ahead and seize our opportunities.”

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