(Persia Digest) - A visit to France on Sunday by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif had nothing to do with Group-7 summit, Government spokesman Ali Rabiei said on Monday, noting that the visit was paid at the request of the French Government.

Rabiei made the remarks his weekly press conference.

IRNA reports that Rabiei said Iran was not interested in meeting with any US official and had no role in the negotiations between France and the US in the G7 summit.

He rebuked the US administration for employing maximum pressure on the Iranian nation, saying the government is concerned about the sufferings of the people and makes every effort to reduce the impacts of the US sanctions.

Iran will never accept that the US to continue with the maximum pressure, the spokesman said.

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Rabiei said that Trump is “an unconventional and ominous phenomenon for international peace and security” who exerted unrelenting pressure to make Iran capitulate.

The US president imposed the most unprecedented sanctions on the Iranian nation as soon as he took power, wishing that Iran will collapse from within, the spokesman said. 

The pressures destabilized the Iranian foreign exchange market with turbulence in other markets, Rabiei said, however noting that the Iranian people stood by the government, and the government stood by the people despite all the sanctions. 

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