(Persia Digest) – As positive signals were exchanged between Iran and the US in recent days with reports indicating that the two presidents may meet in coming weeks, pressure by Iranian hardliners opposed to the US are mounting on the government to stop a probable meeting with Trump and negotiations with this country.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that after a surprise meeting by FM Zarif to the G7 summit on the invitation of President Macron, President Rouhani said in a speech: “If I think that attending a meeting will lead to prosperity for my country and solve people’s problems, I will not hesitate.”

Subsequently, at a joint press meeting with the US President, the French President said: “We will make plans for Trump and Rouhani to meet in the coming weeks.”

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The US President also said that he did not want regime change in Iran, adding: “I will meet with the Iranian President under the right circumstances.”

These events have prompted hardliners opposed to the US in Iran to mount pressure on Rouhani’s cabinet and negate any meetings and discussions with Trump.

Senior Advisor to the Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps criticized FM Zarif for his presence at the G7 summit, saying: “I don’t want to judge this visit; but I hope these trips are not out of despair.”

Hardliner newspaper, Kayhan, also said Zarif’s trip was a sign of desperation which will only result in more pressure and brazenness.

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The paper’s editor-in-chief, Hossein Shariatmadari, who is well known for his opposition to the government, published an editorial today criticizing Rouhani. He wrote: “The only outcome of discussions with Trump is damages and disaster for the Iranian people and a gift to Trump in the upcoming US election.”

Media linked to the IRGC, such as Fars News, Tasnim, and Javan newspaper, have intensified their artillery fire against any negotiations with the US in recent days and are making attempts through numerous reports and interviews to convey that meeting and talking to Trump will only weaken Iran, citing resistance as the only way.

Update: Today, 83 Iranian MPs warned President Rouhani against talks with Trump and the US Administration, citing the move as being against the views of the Supreme Leader.

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