(Persia Digest) – Iranian President’s chief of staff has said: “An economic group from Iran will leave for France next week to examine the proposals made by this country. If discussions are not fruitful, the third stage of decreasing our commitments in the JCPOA will be carried out.”

Speaking at a press conference today, Mahmoud Vaezi said: “Over the past few weeks, and the past few days in particular, we have been talking to France to preserve our interests in the JCPOA and lift the cruel sanctions imposed by the US. The Foreign Minister has traveled to Europe and Asia to achieve this goal.”

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Commenting on a probable meeting between the Iranian and American presidents, he said: “We are pursuing all avenues to lift the sanctions. We have always said that meetings for the sake of meeting will not solve the problem. Talking about meetings is not right unless there is trust.”

Vaezi linked the Iran-US talks to Washington returning to the JCPOA, reiterating: “The US must return to the negotiating table as P5+1 and remain committed to its obligations so that the Iranian nation can benefit from their interests in the accord. If the US is seeking an alternative method, it must first rectify its mistakes in reimposing sanctions before new talks.”

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The Iranian President’s chief of staff pointed to the preconditions set by US for talks with Iran and the contradictions between Trump and Pompeo’s comments, saying: “We don’t know who is talking for the US and who to believe. It seems they don’t have a policy for Iran.”

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