September 02, 2019 15:37
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(Persia Digest) – The Spokesperson for the Iranian government has said: “President Rouhani’s stance on talks remains the same. He will not hesitate to set up meetings with anyone who can help us.”
Persia Digest (PD) reports that last week President Rouhani announced: “If I believe speaking to a person will help my country and solve the problems of its people, I will not hesitate. It is the national interests of our nation which are important.”
Many media outlets and analysts stated that the said person intended by Rouhani is US President Donald Trump who announced at a joint conference with the French President on the same day that he “will talk with the Iranian President under the right circumstances.”
This led to hardliners in Iran opposed to talks with the US pressurizing Rouhani not to meet and talk with Trump.
Hassan Rouhani did a U-turn the next day, announcing: “Any talks are subject to the lifting of sanctions and Trump must repent for his actions against Iran.”
Much speculation was made of the turnabout on meeting Trump by the Iranian President. Presently, the government Spokesperson, Rabiei, has said at a press conference the President is firm about talks if he can be sure that meeting a person will help the nation.
He continued: “There are no contradictions in what the President has said. His duty is to pursue the interests of the country. By the same token, if meeting a person is not in our national interests, this will not happen.”
The Spokesperson pointed to reactions to what Rouhani said, adding: “Some groups were worried, some were malicious, and some had the false understanding that President is retreating.”
Rabiei reiterated: “The President spoke in line for maximum interaction with the world.”

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