September 03, 2019 11:38
News ID: 7357
(Persia Digest) – The “Khosh Honar” music ensemble from Iran has been awarded the Unesco "World folk 2019" gold medal at its IX edition.
The championship was held from 22 August-1 September in Bulgaria. The students of “Khosh Honar” school of music performed their pieces composed and conducted by Aydin Bayat for an appreciative audience.
The ensemble also won other awards at the championship, including the Mayor of Nessebar’s Diploma for Absolute World Champion of Folklore for 2019, the award for the preservation and spread of world folk and intangible heritage, discovering talents in children, jury Nomination for the World Grand Prix "Orpheus", and the championship’s special prize.
Participating artists came from Bulgaria, China, Romania, Lithuania, Mongolia, Russia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Cypress, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Ukraine.

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