September 03, 2019 14:58
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(Persia Digest) – The widely visited exhibition of “Iran – Cradle of civilizations” which began work at the Archaeological Museum of Alicante on 12 February 2018 wrapped up on 1 September 2019.
According to the curator of the National Museum of Iran, Jebreil Nokandeh, 101,108 people visited the exhibition to make this one of the most attended shows at the museum.
Entry was free on the last day and Alicante Museum experienced one of its busiest and most memorable days.
Apart from the rich collection on display, the magnificently showcased spaces, the use of audio visual aids, programs organized on the sidelines such as expert meetings on the history and culture of Iran, traditional Iranian music, and an exquisite catalogue were among other reasons for the popularity of the exhibition.
At the exhibition, 196 artefacts from 60 different archaeological sites in Iran were showcased dating back from the Paleolithic period to the Islamic era (Safavid period). The oldest tool from the Paleolithic period was over 200 thousand years old.
The riches of the exhibition were but a sample of Iran’s centuries-old culture with over 5000 years of civilization which has played a significant part in shaping human civilization.
All the data-x-items on display will be returned to Iran in the near future with the cooperation of experts sent to Spain according to regulations.
The National Museum of Iran will also be staging an exhibition of Spanish archaeology with selected works from the Archaeological Museum of Alicante.

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