September 04, 2019 10:20
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(Persia Digest) - The Minister of Communications and Information Technology has responded to US sanctions on Iran’s space agency by asking Trump to stop imitating Thanos in the Avengers.
The US imposed yet more new sanctions on Iran on Tuesday, this time on its space agency, the Aerospace Research Institute, and the Iranian Space Research Center for their activities linked to ballistic missiles.
Iran’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Mohammad-Javad Azari-Jahromi, responded by posting a picture of space in his tweeter and addressed Trump by saying: “I can't even locate the US in this picture, let alone sanctions on Space! The universe & bright future belong to everyone, not to a few! Stop imitating Thanos, Donald Trump!”
Stop imitating Thanos in the Avengers Donald Trump!
Persia Digest (PD) reports that Thanos is a villain in the Avengers movies who is planning to kill large numbers of the population to improve living conditions for a few.
Iran says its missile program is defensive and has refused to negotiate it. But the US is demanding a stop to Iranian missile tests and has imposed heavy sanctions on the country to achieve this.

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