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(Persia Digest) – Shandiz is the name of a city 15kms from Mashhad in northeastern Iran which is known for its temperate climate and high-end restaurants popular with tourists.
The unique characteristics of this small town which has been chosen as Iran’s first model for tourism include its lush watery valleys and trees extending to the sky, wild flowers, temperate climate, and roaring rivers.
Shandiz – A beautiful countryside near Iran’s holy city
A symbol of Shandiz is its cypress tree in the city center which is over a thousand years old. But what makes the name Shandiz known across Iran is its original Shashlik dish cooked especially with six pieces of lamb. Shahlik is a delicious meal around the world which is very popular with tourists. It has also been registered as a National Heritage of Iran. It is a must-try dish when you are in the city because rumour has it that the climate here makes the lamb taste different.
Shandiz – A beautiful countryside near Iran’s holy city
The main souvenirs from Shandiz are its sheepskin coats and a range of clothing made with lamb’s wool and leather. The kilims of Khorasan and its stone vessels are also on sale here.
Shandiz has many recreational and historic sites which cannot be listed here. So if you come for a visit to Mashhad – where the 8th Shia Imam is buried – make sue to take a trip to Shandiz to get to know this place.

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