September 07, 2019 10:30
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(Persia Digest) - An official with Tehran Municipality lambasted US ambassador in Berlin's call to impose sanctions on Tehran Mayor Pirouz Hanachi on the threshold of visit to Berlin.

IRNA reports that the Head of Tehran Municipality's Center for Communications and International Affairs Gholamhossein Mohammadi wrote on his tweeter on Friday that US envoy called for imposing sanctions on Hanachi as he was to arrive in Berlin.

"As it has been predicted the US is angry with Tehran Mayor's trip to Europe despite sanctions and policy of maximum pressure on the Iranian nation and government," he said.

Meetings and dialogues are indicative of Europeans' willingness to work with Tehran city seriously, he said.

A number of Tehran city councilors, including Majid Farahani and Shahrabanou Amani, reacted to the US ambassador's demand to impose restrictions on Tehran mayor.

Hanachi arrived in Berlin at the invitation of Berlin Mayor Michael Muller on Friday after a three-day visit to Vienna.

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Berlin Mayor Michael Mueller stressed the need for promoting urban and developmental cooperation and sharing experiences with Tehran.

In a meeting with Tehran Mayor Pirouz Hanachi held behind closed doors on Friday, he added that the capitals of the two cities are among the effective members of World Megacities Association playing a crucial role in promoting collaboration among the megacities.

Presenting a report on Tehran's achievements in the field of urban management, Hanachi voiced readiness for sharing Berlin's experiences.

Hanachi departed Austria’s capital for Berlin on Friday morning to meet with Berlin Mayor and tour the most important city projects in the city.

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