September 07, 2019 16:09
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(Persia Digest) – A group of hardliner MPs have warned President Rouhani that he does not have the right to speak with Donald Trump during his upcoming trip to New York for the UN General Assembly.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that recent remarks by Hassan Rouhani about the possibility of talks with the US if all sanctions are lifted have prompted hardliners in Iran to criticize his stance.

The Head of Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, Mojtaba Zolnur, said today that the President’s remarks were his gravest ones, adding: “The policy of the establishment is no talks with the US at any level. Mr Rouhani is not the decision-maker on this. Negotiations with the US are the establishment’s macropolicy.”

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Zolnur continued: “At the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee’s meeting we gave stern warnings to Mr Zarif on President Rouhani’s remarks and his stance.”

He added: “Mr Rouhani’s remarks will lead to economic instability. It may drop the price of the dollar; but when nothing happens it will go back up again. Mr Rouhani made a very serious mistake."

Zolnur continued by saying: “MPs signed a statement and warned the President that he does not have the right to talk to the US on his upcoming trip to NY.”

Speaker for the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, Seyed Hossein Naghavi-Hosseini, also refuted any new plans for negotiations with the US and the West, saying: “Iran will not be negotiating again or talking about any new issues.”

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