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(Persia Digest) - Yazd Water Museum is a spectacular attraction in Yazd that takes you on a fascinating journey through history.

Yazd Water Museum has been set up in the Kolahdoozha historical House for years and has attracted the attention of tourists from around the world. It is now known as one of the best water museums in the world.

On five floors, the museum displays various themes on the subject of water and how it was used in the past.

Water Museum, a treasure in the world city of Yazd

The museum houses more than 200 historical objects, from aqueduct (qanat) excavation equipment to documents related to Yazd’s main aqueducts.

Various excavation equipment, like shovels, waterwheels, working uniforms, instruments measuring water volume, a model showing the water flow and aqueduct lighting equipment can be found at the museum.

The main instrument for excavating aqueducts, the windlass, as well as the statue of a well digger standing next to is also on display at the museum.

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You can also find water storage containers and many related accessories, including water taps, ceramic and glass containers for water storage and much more at the Yazd Water Museum.

Water Museum, a treasure in the world city of Yazd

Yazd is located on the Iranian central plateau and, due to its valuable historical architecture and untouched traditional texture, it has been registered on the Unesco World Heritage List on 9 July 2017. It ranks first amongst Iranian historical cities and is the twenty-second Iranian historical inscription on the Unesco list.

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