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(Persia Digest) – The Kalpush Plains are located in Semnan Province, eastern Iran, where anemones grow to cover the land in the spring, only to be replaced by sunflowers in September.

Kalpush is a region near the town of Miami, Shahroud, in Semnan Province. It has a mountainous landscape with forests. Its foothills reveal their beauty from the very first days of spring when the anemones begin to grow, attracting many visitors to this fertile land.

A trip to Iran’s dreamland

The color of the landscape turns to yellow at the end of the summer, because October is the sunflower season when millions bloom in the velvety valleys to create a picturesque view for onlookers.

The sunflowers are cultivated in the uneven plains and cascading hills of the area, creating a fantastic contrast in colors.

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In addition to the anemone plains, viewing the historic caravanserais on this route, such as Beh Dasht and Sepanj (Jahan-Abad), and the Miami Museum is also recommended.

To promote the beauties of this region, a trip to the anemone plains is organized every year. The program includes visits to Dasht Shad Forest, Niknam Forest and waterfall, sale of handicrafts, folk music, and chub-bazi games.

A trip to Iran’s dreamland

To reach this place from Tehran, you must travel 460kms on the Tehran-Mashhad road. As you reach Miami, take the north route (Jajarm road) and continue driving towards Kalpush. The anemone plains are 160kms north of Miami and 220kms northeast of Shahrud.

The best time to see the anemones is early April to early June.

A trip to Iran’s dreamland

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