September 14, 2019 10:15
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(Persia Digest) - Gibraltar’s leader said that Iran didn't breach an agreement not to sell its oil to Syria.

Attempting to deescalate the crisis with Iran over the fate of an oil tanker on Friday, Fabian Picardo, Gibraltar’s chief minister said that despite off-loading of Adrian Darya 1's contents to Syria, that’s not to say that there’s a breach of the undertaking.

Picardo said on Friday: "You can see from the images that the oil has ended up in Syria but that’s not to say that there’s a breach of the undertaking [by Iran]," telegraph reported.

"We did not have an undertaking that the oil would not end up in Syria. We had an undertaking from the Iranian government that they would not sell the oil to any EU sanctioned entity," he said.

Remarks of Gibraltar’s chief minister was after that Britain and the US have claimed Iran's move is in violation of the European Union and US sanctions and breaches the agreement.

The Iranian oil tanker, previously called Grace 1, left Gibraltar in August, after a month of being unlawfully detained by the UK.

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Britain’s naval forces unlawfully seized the Grace 1 and its cargo of 2.1 million barrels of oil in the Strait of Gibraltar on July 4 under the pretext that the supertanker had been suspected of carrying crude to Syria in violation of the European Union’s unilateral sanctions against the Arab country.

Tehran, however, rejected London’s claim that the tanker was heading to Syria, slamming the seizure as 'piracy'.

Source: Iran press

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