September 15, 2019 10:38
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(Persia Digest) – The latest statistics on the use of IT until the end of June 2019 indicates that of Iran’s 83 million population 64MM 137 thousand connect to the internet on their mobiles.

Based on the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) statistics, the number of broadband internet subscribers in Iran has reached 74 million 518 thousand and 595 people or 90.78 percent.

Internet Penetration Rate is based on people's use of xDSL, 3G and 4G technologies, WiFi and TDLTE.

Statistics show that of this, 86% is for 3G and 4G technology, 12% for ADSL, and 2% for TD-LTE.

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Accordingly, 64 MM 137 thousand and 112 people in Iran are connected to the internet via SIM cards and mobile phones, and 10MM 381 thousand and 483 people are fixed broadband subscribers. In other words, mobile broadband subscribers make up 78.14 percent of users and fixed broadband subscribers make up 12.65 percent.

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This indicates that Internet Penetration Rate for fixed broadband subscribers has not changed significantly since 2016, while Internet Penetration Rate for mobile broadband subscribers which was around 40 percent in 2016 is now close to 80 percent.

In other words, the number of mobile Internet subscribers, estimated to be around 35 million in 2016 has grown to over 64 million in the first six months of 2019.

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