September 15, 2019 11:38
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(Persia Digest) – Mofakham Mirror House is one of the historic places of Bojnourd in eastern Iran.

During the Qajar period, the northern and western parts of Bojnourd were surrounded by large gardens with magnificent buildings, two of which still exist today.

The Mirror House is one of the two remaining buildings which was the headquarters of Mofakham, the ruler of Bojnourd, Esfarayen, Jajarm and Esterabad. He established it along with the kolah farangi belvedere of Eshrat-Abad and a fountain garden; the belvedere of Eshrat-Abad was damaged after the severe earthquake in Bojnourd.

Today, Mofkham’s Mirror House and Historical Mansion of Eshrat-Abad (known as Eshtakad-Abad Palace) still remain. The Mirror House is now the provincial anthropology museum located north of Bojnourd at the end of North Shariati Street, Tehran, Iran.

Photographer: Peyman Hamidipour

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