September 15, 2019 14:22
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(Persia Digest) – In a joint film project, Iran and Turkey plan to produce a movie about the life of the great Iranian poet, Rumi.

The movie which is called "Drunken in Love" is directed by Hassan Fathi, renowned Iranian director, and Oscar-winning star, Shahab Hosseini, who also played in “A Separation” (by Asghar Farhadi).

“Drunken in Love” portrays a part of the life story of Jalaluddin Muhammad Balkhi Rumi and Shams Tabrizi.

Shahab Hosseini will play the leading role as Shams Tabrizi. Other cast and crew will also be a mix of prominent Turkish and Iranian filmmakers.

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Meanwhile, all scenes are filmed in Konya, Turkey, which will be restored and designed to depict the time of Rumi's life.

Two Iranian and Turkish investors have supported the making of the movie “Drunken in Love”.

Jalaluddin Muhammad Balkhi (Rumi), known as Molana, is one of the most famous Persian poets in Iran. His greatest poetic work is the Masnavi and all his works and poems are written in Persian. He is buried in Konya, Turkey.

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