September 18, 2019 11:06
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(Persia Digest) – Rouyin village is a tourist destination near Esfarayen in North Khorasan, northeastern Iran. It has a population of 900 families and is a hub for a wide range of handmade traditional Iranian textiles.

The villages earn a living mostly through farming; but the women also continue the 400-year old tradition of their ancestors in weaving fabric. Currently, 120 women weavers earn a living in this vocation. Hence, Rouyin village has come to be known as the capital of traditional Iranian textiles.

Wrappers, handkerchiefs, towels, and cotton fabrics are some the handiwork of women in this village. They weave these using wool and cotton yarn. The Cultural Heritage Organization of North Khorasan is endeavoring to inscribe this ancient art in Unesco.

The skill of weaving wrappers in Rouyin has already been registered as an intangible heritage of Iran.

Photos: Hossein Moamari/Fars News; Payman Hamidipour/Mizan News

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