September 19, 2019 11:34
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(Persia Digest) – The short animation “The servant” by Farnoosh Abedi has been accepted by the Rhode Island International Festival (RIIFF) in the US.

“The servant” will be screened in the fringe category of the festival which is approved by the Oscar Academy.

The festival will run from 19-26 October.

“The servant” has been selected among 3000 short animations submitted by 40 countries to the event.

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This is the eight time “The servant” is participating at an Oscar qualifying fest. It has already won a plethora of awards including the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival in California.

The synopsis narrates the familiar story of master and subordinate and is about an author meeting a giant insect – a cockroach. The cockroach becomes a servant, but gradually becomes aware that he deserves more and upsets the balance of the story. The author, however, attempts to keep the status quo, but realizes that the game has no rules.

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