September 21, 2019 11:26
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(Persia Digest) – Concurrently with the International Day of Peace on Saturday 21 September, a collective exhibition of paintings by Iranian children with the theme of love and peace has opened in Tehran.

“For peace and love” exhibition is a labor of love achieved by children with the support of ICOM Iran visual arts at the Blue Hall of Niavaran Cultural Center.

The collection was created over a two-year period in an art project for primary school children who took part in workshops with their parents linked to the “Louvre in Tehran” and “Dutch archaeology and art according to Drents Museum” exhibitions which were held at the National Museum of Iran, together with “I, in Persian homes and gardens” held in Niavaran Center and other museums. The children were familiarized with new cultures and painted their perceptions in their works.

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A workshop titled “Reading and playing” for school age children (7-12 years) will also run on the sidelines of the exhibition to teach the concept of dialogue and nonviolence.

This is a one-day workshop which will run today from 09h00-19h00 hours.

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Iranian children are painting their dreams of love and peace while tensions between US and Iran are escalating in the Middle East and certain hardliner media outlets are talking about US military action against Iran.

Iranian authorities have denied involvement in the attacks on Saudi oil facilities and have repeatedly underlined the need for peace, dialogue, and diplomacy for conflict resolution.

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