September 21, 2019 14:26
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(Persia Digest) - Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi has called on the international community to consider establishing a new economic system which would minimize the effects of US hostile policies on international free trade, reports Mehr News.

“Americans should acknowledge that teh imposition of sanctions is a failed policy and the excessive use of this trick and wielding the dollar like a weapon have called the US credibility and economy into question. The era of recognizing America as a credible economic partner has long passed,” he said in reaction to the White House’s announcement on Friday that it would impose further sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank.

“The announced sanction is not new; rather, it is old sanctions explained differently,” said Mousavi, adding that after the imposition of the first sanctions, which were among the toughest, Iran has found its way to prosper relying on domestic capabilities and cooperation with friend countries.

“America’s foreign policy is a frustrated and confused one which has no basis other than bullying, unilateralism, and conducting economic terrorism against others, and it lacks the required capability to offer any rational and dynamic diplomatic initiative for peaceful settlement of its differences with other countries,” said the spokesman.

“I hope US officials understand that they are no longer the sole economic superpower in the world and there are many countries which are interested in Iran’s market and in the opportunities of establishing good economic ties with Iran,” he said.

Mousavi called on the international community to consider building a new trade and economic system which would minimize the effects of US hostile policies against international free trade.

“Once again, we emphasize that the Iranian nation is a free and peace-loving nation and is ready to engage with all nations and governments that treat it with respect and equal standing,” he added.

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The US not only violated its international commitments by withdrawing from Iran nuclear deal, but also damaged its own economy by depriving its companies, especially in aviation sector, of doing business which would worth billions of dollars, he said.

“We have kept the door of interaction open. Now the ball is in Americans’ court. They should bravely admit their mistake about violating the nuclear deal and fulfill their commitments and if this is realized, they can interact with us like other signatories to the deal in the predicted framework of JCPOA.”

US President Donald Trump announced new sanctions against Iran’s Central Bank on Friday describing them as the highest sanctions ever imposed on a foreign country by Washington.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif condemned the new anti-Iranian measure, saying, “The new sanctions are aimed at blocking Iran’s international transactions and its access to food and medicine. This move is unacceptable and dangerous.”

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