September 21, 2019 14:55
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(Persia Digest) – The Finland Film Week will begins work in three Iranian cities for the first time from 28 September to 4 October.

The week has been organized in Tehran, Isfahan, and Mashhad by the Art and Experience Cinema and the Finnish Film Foundation in association with the Finnish Embassy.

Nine features and seven short films from Finland will be screened at the cultural event which will be attended by special guests Lasse Saarinen, CEO of Finnish Film Foundation, Yana Pascala, Head of International Affairs of Finnish Film Foundation, Kaarle Aho, producer of “The fencer”  and “Little wing”, and Rita Aalto, Finnish producer.

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Three workshops on joint filmmaking and artistic film production will be held on the sidelines of the event with Iranian and Finnish filmmakers.

The week will open on Saturday afternoon, 28 September, at 17h00 hours at the Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran.

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