September 22, 2019 09:01
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(Persia Digest) - Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi refuted baseless claims made by some Saudi officials with regard to recent attack on oil facilities.

IRNA reports that Mousavi described Saudi officials’ unreal and repeated allegations on Iran's role in the attack as illogical and vehemently condemned them.

He regretted that the Saudi government is indulging in a blame game to cover up its own failures by harboring illusions of Iran’s animosity towards it and also ignoring realities.

He advised the Saudis to put an end to war in Yemen which has brought nothing but killing of innocent people and destroying the country instead of making baseless claims.

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Mousavi had earlier noted that for the past five years the Saudi-led coalition has waged a full-scale war on Yemen and tried to spread it to the region by repeated aggression and committing atrocity and crimes against the Yemeni civilians.

Yemenis have shown that they stand up to the Saudi aggression and the crimes against humanity in Yemen, he added.

Iran's foreign ministry spokesman had also commented on the US allegations of Iran’s involvement in Aramco attack and said that such claims made at the diplomatic level need to be supported by at least by minimum evidences.

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