September 22, 2019 10:55
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(Persia Digest) – The new scholastic year is celebrated every year in Iran. It has come to be known as “The Feast of Blossoms” or “The Feast of Budding Youngsters” and is attended by the Minister of Education. The feast takes place for new 1st grade students a day before schools are officially open.

The symbolic bell was rung this morning by a first-grader together with the Minister of Education and a group of principals at the Tash’ei Boys School in Tehran’s 19th district.

One million and 461 thousand first-graders and 485,881 thousand pre-school children will attend classes and begin their formal education in Iran today.

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The school year begins on 23 October every year and continues until the end of May.

Around 14 million and 650 thousand students have enroled in schools across the country this year. According to the Minister of Education, this number covers over 98.5 percent of all children.

Overall, Iran has 570 thousand classrooms in 110 thousand educational units.

A university opening ceremony will also be held by the Iranian president next week.

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