September 22, 2019 15:30
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(Persia Digest) – Artefacts from the Archaeological Museum of Alicante have gone on show in Iran from 22 September 2019 till 15 April 2020 at the National Museum of Iran.

The display consists of 300 cultural and historic works on loan from the Archaeological Museum of Alicante, Spain, dating from the Paleolithic period to the current era. The impact of living by the Mediterranean is visible in the works.

This is the first impression of archaeology in the Mediterranean Sea region on show in Iran, depicting the Middle Ages, Rome, and the Mediterranean.

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Previously, an exhibition of Iranian historical artefacts and works titled “Iran – The cradle of civilization” was staged at the Archaeological Museum of Alicante which was visited by 100 thousand people.

Head of the Mark Foundation and the President of the Archaeological Museum of Alicante, Joseph Albert Cortes, spoke at the opening ceremony in Iran, saying: “An outcome of staging this exhibition is that we have achieved an unbreakable bond and share common goals, emotions, and worries.”

He continued: “The exhibition displays historic artefacts, weaponry, the remains of human bodies, and so on, which are the outcome of war and aggression between nations now seen in a peaceful setting.”

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Mohammad-Reza Talebian, Deputy of Iran’s Cultural Heritage also spoke, saying: “Our policy is to stage bilateral and multilateral exhibitions; our two museums have now achieved this.”

He continued: “Today, we have 690 museums in Iran. Many of these are in the private sector.”

HE Eduardo Lopez, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain to Iran, also praised the National Museum of Iran, and said: “The museum’s high flexibility, capacity, and potentials are truly admirable.”

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