September 24, 2019 11:13
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(Persia Digest) – Over 300 knowledge-based companies in Iran currently active in producing nano products, including nano drugs, have found good markets in Asia and Europe.

The Head of the Vice-Presidency for the development of strategic technologies in Iran, Esmaeil Ghaderipour, has said: “Nanotechnology started up in Iran from the early 2001s in terms of scientific production. Despite a 30 to 40-year delay as compared to other countries, our elite technologists in this filed have reached the peaks of nano technology in the world.”

He pointed out the achievements of nanotechonolgy in Iran, saying: “Today, we have advanced not only in the field of nanotechnology but also in the production of science, articles, and scientific texts.”

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He added: “Iran ranks first in nanotechnology production in Southwest Asia and North Africa. Overall, it ranks fourth in the world in this area. Today, our export bases in China and South Korea deliver nanotechnology products to Russia and European countries.”

Ghaderifar cited employing a skilled and expert manpower as the most important factor for Iran's progress in nanotechnology.

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