September 26, 2019 09:39
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(Persia Digest) – Golestan National Park, or Golestan Forest, is a protected area in the east of Golestan Province, west of North Khorasan Province.

It is the oldest registered national park of Iran and a unique wildlife refuge which is house to 1350 plant and 302 animal species. This is nearly half of Iran’s mammal species. The park measure 900 square kilometres and has been inscribed by Unesco as a biosphere reserve.

Golestan Forest is doubtless Iran’s most valuable region both in terms of quantity and diversity of animal and plant life, even more so that certain European countries where national parks are by far bigger in surface area. Golestan Province has been named after this forest.

The Golestan National Park is one of the best wildlife refuges for large mammals such as panthers, brown bears, wolves, lynx, ibex, bucks, wild sheep and goats, Iranian deer, and boars. It is especially known for its large population of Ural rams.

These have been gathered over a period of one year by park ranger, Mohsen Haddadi.

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