September 28, 2019 16:05
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(Persia Digest) – The Schiller band will be returning to Tehran after two successful performances in Iran with their new album “Early morning”, together with other pieces which are the result of cooperation between von Deylen and Iranian musicians.

This German musician composed the piece “Berlin Tehran” and performed it over three nights in Tehran for the first time in February 2017.

The Schiller Band is von Deylen’s project who has released tracks in the electronic genre. He made his debut in the professional music market in 1998 with his first album and has sold around seven million copies of his music worldwide as of today.

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German band surprises Iranian fans

Their latest concert will be staged on 7-8 November 2019 at the main Hall of the Interior Ministry.

Their first performance in Tehran went on stage in December 2017 for six nights at the Interior Ministry Hall. It was attended by 15 thousand people.

They returned to Iran in February 2018 for a second concert and staged another three amazing performances.

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