September 29, 2019 16:11
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(Persia Digest) – Iran’s Petroleum Minister has issued a statement highlighting that all oil companies and installations in the country must be fully aware of threats of cyberattacks under current conditions whereby sanctions have targeted the oil industry.

Bijan Zangeneh said: “Inhumane sanctions by the enemy in an all-out economic war have targeted the oil industry which is a forerunner and stimulus for the country’s economy. These are special times. Presently, it is paramount for all oil companies and facilities in the oil industry to remain fully alert to provide managerial, technical, and operational support to protect physical assets and promote integrated resilience and stability in the value chain – upstream to downstream – with focus on preventive safety approaches and rigorous operational controls.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that certain Western media outlets reported successful cyberattacks on Iran’s oil installations and vital infrastructure last week. This was refuted by the strategic management center for security of information exchange - AFTA - in Iran.

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In an interview with NBC yesterday, Iranian FM Javad Zarif said: “The US started a dangerous, irresponsible cyber war on our nuclear facilities which could have taken the lives of millions.”

He was talking about the Stuxnet malware which was written by the US and Israel in 2010 to sabotage Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities.

Zarif stressed at the interview: “A cyber war exists and Iran is entangled in it. But the US will not be able to finish the wars it starts.”

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