(Persia Digest) – The physicians union in Iran is resisting tax payments and are unwilling to install POS Card Readers in their offices.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that mechanized sales boxes are a new plan by the tax office to clarify payments by various professions. The plan was initially implemented for doctors who are thought to have large tax evasions.

According to the Iranian Parliament's Research Center, tax evasion by doctors is around 6700 billion tomans (USD 600MM) per year. Currently, they pay 150BN tomans (USD 13MM).

Hence, the tax office of Iran is requiring that doctors install POS readers connected to the taxing system, but only 30 percent have done this do far after months of delay.

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The physicians' apparent disregard for the tax law has led other professions to resist its implementation; other high-profile guilds, such as notary public offices, are also trying to conceal their earnings like the doctors.

Therefore, it seems that the lack of seriousness by supervisors in dealing with taxpayers can encourage other professions to disregard the law.

It should be noted that due to oil revenues, taxation in Iran has been implemented in the most basic way, and many professions have evaded taxes; the government has not been very strict about this.

But current sanctions on oil and a drop in currency earnings has forced the Iranian government to devise new tax brackets to stop tax evasion and expand tourism to reduce its dependence on oil revenues.

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