(Persia Digest) – Anzali Port is situated in the west of Guilan Province in northern Iran. It is at a distance of 40kms from Rasht provincial capital.

Anzali has a population of 150 thousand people and is of historic significance in terms of trade and tourism. Its climate is humid with more precipitation than the rest of the country. It is Iran’s largest northern port and one of the most active on the Caspian Sea. Anzali Port is the fifth active port in Iran.

Some of its attractions are the sandy beaches of the Caspian, the Anzali international marsh, Ghazian and Anzali historic bridges, the Beach Park (Blvd), Navy Museum Palace, its pier, the minaret or clock tower, and the old courthouse. Anzali attracts many domestic and foreign tourists every year as a free trade zone and its strategic positioning.

Photos: Mohammad Ranjbar

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