(Persia Digest) – Perhaps many tourists who have visited the Iranian capital have complained about the traffic and driving in this city. But statistics show that the number of car accident victims is now dropping in Iran.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that car accidents have become a serious problem in the world today; so much so that WHO statistics report that one million and 300 thousand people lost their lives in car accidents worldwide in 2018 and over 55 million were injured or maimed.

In Iran too, traffic accidents are an important issue and reducing them is one of the priorities of the police.

According to Commander Seyed Kamal Hadifar, head of traffic police in Iran, the number of cars, motorcycles, and driving licences have increased by 153%, 120%, and 102% respectively between 2006 and 2018, while the number of victims has fallen to 37.6 percent for every two thousand cars, which is an international standard.

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He put the number deaths in car accidents at 7.5 people in the world in 2013 and said: “This figure is 2.7 in Europe, 10.9 in Asia, and 6.7 in Iran for every 10 thousand cars. This dropped to 4.9 for Iran in 2018.”

Hadianfar pointed to a traffic police program to reduce accidents in Iran called “Police helpers”, saying: “11 million students are active as police helpers and over 100 thousand teachers are also active as helpers in promoting correct traffic culture.”

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