(Persia Digest) – In order to familiarize tourists with the hand arts of every city, Iran will be setting up road signs carrying their names across the country.

Deputy for the Handicrafts of Iran, Ms Pouya Mohammadian, said: “The move is aimed at guiding domestic and foreign tourists to all of Iran's national and world cities for handicrafts and boosting the economy of these cities in handicrafts and tourism.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that Iran ranks third in producing handicrafts in the world. It ranks first in the world for eight cities and two villages registered globally for their handicrafts as world cities.

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Currently, over two million people are active privately in this field together with 450 officially registered artisans in 295 arts.

Women cover 75 percent of Iranian handicrafts in the three sectors of production, education, and commerce.

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