(Persia Digest) – The Italian Ambassador in Tehran has underlined the importance of tourists getting to know Iran without intermediaries, saying: “Iran with its natural diversity and historical monuments has all the features to attract foreign tourists.”

In an interview with IRNA, Giuseppe Perrone said: “Iran is very attractive for foreign tourists and Italians are very interested in Iran. This country has a diverse nature which is very interesting for them.”

He continued: “Italians are also very interested in historic monuments such as the unique ones in Iran. Architecture goes back a long way in Iran and is attractive for Italian tourists. The low prices of travel to Iran can also be another incentive.”

Perrone pointed out the wrong image some countries have of Iran, saying: “Tourists must come here and see Iran for themselves to know that what they hear about this country is wrong; one must come to Iran to experience and believe in Iranian hospitality and beauty.”

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