(Persia Digest) – The unveiling ceremony of repatriated Achaemenid tablets from the University of Chicago Oriental Institute was held at the National Museum of Iran Wednesday afternoon.

Over 30 thousand tablets were shipped to the institute in 1935. These reached Chicago in 1937 where they were supposed to remain for studies for three years before being returned to Iran. Some were returned in 1948, some in 1971, and some in 2004.

Due to an explosion which took place on the other side of the world in Al Quds in 1997, Jewish officials claimed Iran was responsible and demanded the confiscation of the tablets as compensation. Eventually, a court in the US ruled for confiscation. In subsequent appeals, Iranian representatives proved that the tablets were of no commercial value and cultural artefacts sent to the US cannot be confiscated.

Over the course of prosecutions in past years, the University of Chicago Oriental Institute lawyers also announced that Achaemenid tablets have no commercial value and must not be confiscated by the court.

Photos: Samira Shariatmadari

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