(Persia digest)-  Abadan is home to a mosque and church sharing the same wall. This building is a cultural heritage and tourist attraction displaying a clear manifestation of mutual respect between the followers of divine faiths. The Armenian Orthodox Surp Karapet Church was built in 1958 and was used as the largest assembly hall for the Armenians of Abadan. The church was damaged by Saddam’s war against Iran, but was restored by the organization in charge of reconstructing war zones. It was registered as one of Iran’s national heritage buildings in 2003.

Prior to the imposed war on Iran by Iraq, between 1700-2000 Armenian families resided in Abadan. Only a few returned after the ceasefire. Currently, no ceremonies are conducted at the church due to the very small congregation; but it still stands for its proximity to Adab School in the city. Surp Karapet Church is wall-to-wall next to Imam Jafar Mosque (SA), aka the Behbahanis of Abadan mosque, as a symbol of culture and freedom of beliefs, displaying the art of religions.

Its doors were opened to visitors last Christmas Eve to boast the peace, friendship, and unity of divine religions in the city more than ever before.

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